Secure payment

Secure payment through Pasat 4b

POS stands for Point of Sale. It has been in this denomination encompassing several programs and technologies that help in the task of a business selling to the public. Examples of these technologies are virtual POS provided by some banks that allow the remote loading and management with security of transactions or programs which help to bring the entire sales management.
In our store card payments are made through secure card payment system Pasat 4b.

What is the Pasat 4b?

It is a payment platform that enables any business or company that wishes to sell via the Internet, offering an insurance system for both trade receivables and the customer to pay charges.
The new Safe Shopping system can safely identify customers who buy through the Internet. This system meets the standards for secure electronic commerce adopted by international brands Visa and MasterCard to ensure ownership of the buyer. Payment is made by credit card through service Pasat 4b. At no time oranges Maria Teresa store or treat data on your credit card. Once completed the data relating to your purchase, the purchase process will redirect you to the bank. It is in this state where you can directly enter your bank details and pay through secure server.

Digital certificate

A digital certificate is an electronic “passport” which establishes the credentials of a site through which payments, purchases or other transactions made through the Internet. A certificate is issued by a certificate authority (CA) and contains the site name, a serial number, expiration date, a copy of the public key of the certificate owner (used to encrypt and decrypt both messages and digital signatures), and the digital signature of the issuing certificate authority (eg VeriSign) so that the receiver can verify that the certificate is real.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol designed by the company Netscape Communications, to encrypt the connection, including authentication guarantees. It is based on asymmetric cryptography and certificates concept.


The process by which certain information or “plain text” is encrypted so that the result is unreadable unless the information necessary for their interpretation are known. It is a security measure when used to store and / or transmit this sensitive information can not be obtained easily by others. Optionally it can also be a decryption process through which the information can be read back to its original state, although there are methods of encryption that can not be reversed.